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Screensavers can serve a variety of purposes. Screensavers were originally created to prevent the degradation of a CRT monitor or a plasma monitor. Making the computer screen go blank or by filling it with moving images or patterns when the computer is not in use helps to extend the life of your monitor.

Due to improvements in phosphor coatings, and because modern computer images are generally lower contrast than the stark green- or white-on-black text and graphics of earlier machines, modern CRTs are much less susceptible to burn-in than older models. LCD computer monitors, including laptop monitors, are not as likely to experience burn-in because the image is not directly produced by phosphors. They can suffer from a less extreme and usually non-permanent form of image persistence however. Today screensavers are primarily decorative or for entertainment, and feature moving images, patterns and sound effects

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Entertainment Screensavers
Early screensavers prominently featured whimsical designs such as flying toasters, fish and shooting stars. It has become common for movie studios and marketers to release screensavers in conjunction with movies or events in order to build a "buzz" for that event. Today with the help of modern graphics technologies there is a wide variety of different screensavers. Thanks to modern 3D computer graphics and improved computer processing power, realistic 3D environments and other 3D screensavers are available. The animated number effect from the Matrix movie has been one of the most popular screensavers to date.

Security Screensavers
Some screensavers have the option of requiring a password to turn them off. This may be helpful in an office environment and might prevent some rudimentary forms hacking.

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